(all images underneath this text were made by the amazing Tasja Van Rymenant)

Hi, I’m Vicky, a thirty-something creative image maker and storyographer, living in Belgium. I’m married to Antonio and we adopted two amazing dogs, Alice & Mellow.

I’m not just a photographer or just a videographer, I’m a story-o-grapher.
I tell stories but I don’t use words, I use my eyes and a camera to tell those stories. The images are sometimes still and sometimes moving. Whatever way captures the story best. I even add some illustrations from time to time … imagine that!
Every story deserves to be told, so i don’t limit myself in the kinds of stories i want to capture. Whatever is important to you, is important to me.
I strive to create intimate and sincere images to tell a story as honest as I can through my eyes.
So if you have a story and you want it to be told, let’s meet. I would love to hear all about it.

“There is a voice inside of you
that whispers all day long,
“I feel that this is right for me,
I know that thís is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
or wise man can decide
what’s right for you - just listen to
the voice that speaks inside.”
- Shel Silverstein

Mellow, the barketing manager and keeping-vicky-sane-manager

My name is Mellow, i’m a dog.

Vicky and I met in the summer of 2015. I was staying at a shelter, I don’t really know how i ended up there. One day I just did, i was waiting for my human to come and get me, but he never did. Two years passed by (which is a big part of your life when you’re a dog), I have to admit … I was at a low point in my life, because that shelter was awful. The owner didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. I don’t like a lot of humans. A few of them really treated me bad and I don’t know why. So when I meet a new human, I’m careful because I never know if they’re going to hurt me or be nice to me.
Vicky and Antonio were nice to me. I really liked Vicky from the get-go. I think it’s because she’s a woman, I prefer women, they were never bad to me. And also, Vicky is just the best. (she puts everything on this site, so she probably edits my words a bit)
They brought their dog Alice with them and she’s super cool. She wanted to play with me and I really liked that. Now we’re family, she’s my younger sister and she helps Antonio with his business. So we both have jobs.
My job is to lay down when Vicky works on her own in her studio. Every 30minutes I get up and go ask her for some cuddles and kisses. She’s less stressed when I do that, so I decided that’s my job now. Oh and when she creates a new studio setting for her other business In het Wonderland I test it out for her. I don’t mind doing that. I get treats when I do and I get new pics for my socials. So it’s a win-win.

Oh, can i just ask you a little favor? If you ever want to live with a dog just go find one of us in a shelter. We really prefer to live with you in a decent place over living in a cage in a shelter where we’re all just feeling lonely. Vicky explained to me that a lot of humans think that dogs in a shelter are difficult because they lived through some shitty stuff (like me), but that’s really not true. First of all, not all of us had a bad past. And second of all: the ones who did ESPECIALLY need a nice human to live with. We’re not that hard to deal with, I promise. You can get help to communicate with us, a lot of behavior therapists out there who know our language and can help you understand us too. Please, consider it. That would be really kind. 
And kind people are the best kind of people. That’s our motto here at Silver Sixpence Stories!