A different kind of studio photography

little universes for little dreamers

“It’s our responsability to make magic again.” – Donald Glover (aka. Childish Gambino)

Don’t you think it’s weird that when you’re a child it’s a good thing to have a big imagination,
but as an adult you’re considered kind of weird when you see things that aren’t really there?

I just want to keep on seeing things, creating worlds, imagining other universes. So i create studio settings from scratch.
Because that’s what i love to do. Because i think it’s important.
It’s important to step out of the ordinary and let your mind play a fun game.
So … welcome into my little universe(s) …

Every studio setting is designed and handmade by Vicky and tested & approved by studio assistant Mellow.

More to come!
We've designed and tested out more studio settings, so stay tuned for more little worlds to visit.