Tales of Life & Love


"Something old
something new
something borrowed
something blue
and a Silver Sixpence
in her shoe."

When I chose the name for my company years ago I mainly focused on weddings, but as a photographer. In the last two years I shifted more and more towards video and I think I really found my passion. I've learned that a Love Story - if it's a wedding or any other celebration of Love or Life - can be told so differently through moving images. Movement, sounds, rhythm, speed, music, voices ... it's all part of that day. It's all part of that story. It's all part of you.

cinematic dance video


For this video I totally walked the experimental path. On a summer evening I went to Antwerp to capture the choreography by Evelyne & Brandon. When I was editing I felt the need to use the montage as a choreography too, to let the frames do some sort of graphical dance. I’m sorry, I know this sounds weird. Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on this one and I’m very curious to see what you think.

wedding video

Margo & Willem-Jan

I got a very last-minute call from Margo … if I could shoot a few hours at her wedding, that same week! They decided that they wanted to have a video from their big day and would regret it afterwards if they didn’t try to get a videographer. Luckily I only had a photoshoot in the morning of the wedding day and their ceremony wasn’t until the afternoon. So I could help them! And I was super happy because they were such a sweet, cute couple and the photographer was Tasja (who also made the photos you can see on my About page) and the wedding planning and styling was done by the amazing ladies of SALON weddings. Yay!


Body & Soul by Myra - behind the scenes

The greatest love of all, is the love for one’s self. And that’s exactly what the photographer Myra wants you to feel during her Body & Soul shoots. It’s all about body positivity and celebrating yourself.
She asked me to make a behind-the-scene video during a Body & Soul shoot on location. It was such an amazing atmosphere! Eva from Von Winckelmann does the hair and make-up for the women who book a shoot so they can feel amazing.

a Love Tale

Kaat & Niels - a rock 'n roll love story

Who says you have to get married to get a video? Love is the most amazing thing, so it’s ABSOLUTELY worth capturing it! So did Kaat & Niels … I went with them on a stroll through their city Antwerp and we had the most amazing time. It was so magical to see their true selves enroll in front of the camera. I really enjoyed telling their story and capturing their amazing personalities as true as I could.

wedding video

Renée & Tom - trailer

The wedding day of Renée & Tom was truly a dream. It was my first wedding after I transitioned from photography to videography and I couldn’t have wished for a better couple to start this new journey with. They were so genuinely loving, relaxed and enjoying every minute of their day. Thank you so much, Renée & Tom, I got to be there to witness all this magic between you two. It was a huge pleasure to work alongside my friend and amazing photographer Myra.
Check out the trailer above and the full docu edit below.

wedding video

Renée & Tom - docu edit

wedding vows video

Els & Miki

Els & Miki were getting married, but they didn’t feel confident enough to share their vows live in front of everyone at their wedding day. So they wanted to play a video during the ceremony and asked me if I could help them. I LIVE for these kind of assignments! So on a Sunday I went to their home to make some relaxed shots of them and their family and recorded their vows. I love that they went against tradition of reading your vows out loud in front of everyone. And honestly, also being very nervous about that. This way, they kan rewatch their vows any day they want.

Love and light.

The best things aren't a cool venue, a gorgeous backdrop, an epic landscape, an awesome car or pinterest perfect tables. It's love and light. In that order. That's all I wish for. The rest is bonus.

What is it that you want to remember 10, 20, 50 years from now? Which images will give you goosebumps? Will make you smile or tear up? What do you need to see when maybe times get tough at one point in life?
Love - just as life - is real and raw, is light and dark, is easy and hard. Let's celebrate that, let's capture that, let's cherish that!

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